Time and time again I heard my dad say something when I was younger. A simple, but powerful phrase that fires off in my mind whenever I find myself thinking or using a word I have tried to erase from my vocabulary.

“Can’t means you don’t want to” - Bob Divosevic

There were a variety of activities and situations I was involved in that would have him reminding me of this including, but limited to… school, sports and learning the basics of life.

Can’t is a limiting word, a negative statement. We say it to ourselves, we say it to others. It seems to be a go-to excuse for lots of people and used to be for me, but over time I found that it was easily replaceable.

Here’s how I did it and you can too: Get rid of I can’t and replace it with How can I?

By replacing a reoccuring negative phrase with a positive question I’ve continously found myself achieving things I would have otherwise written off as not being possible, completing difficult projects I would have through I’d never get through and reaching goals I might have deemed too loafty.

Give it a try, whether in a simple or complex situation, and you’ll find it works in amazing ways and you’ll start achieving things you might have walked away from.

~ Jason